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marching band: if it were any easier they'd call it football [entries|friends|calendar]
Mi Competing Bands/Drumlines/Guards

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Grand Nats! [15 Nov 2008|11:55pm]

Congrats to all of the Michigan bands that attended Grand Nats!

and a big congrats to PCEP!

You guys were spectacular in semis and then...if it was possible....threw down harder in finals!

Congrats on your 11th place finish!

and in case inquiring minds want to know

1. Avon, IN
2. LD Bell, TX
3. Lawrence Central, IN
4. Marian Catholic, IL
5. Carmel, IN
6. Broken Arrow, OK
7. Tarpon Springs, FL
8. Kennesaw Mountain, GA
9. Centerville, OH
10. Ben Davis, IN
11. PCEP, MI
12. Lafayette, LA

Music - Carmel
Visual - Tie - Lawrence Central & Avon
GE - Avon
2 set!

Michigan Bands at Nats! [14 Nov 2008|06:21pm]

Hey Friends! I haven't talked to anyone around here in a while! I bought the webcast, so I will be updating here how West Bloomfield, Lakeland, and Plymouth do, as well as the Semi-Finals announcements! Good luck to all!

Edit: 6:27 WB in Warm Up. Sounding fantastic! Throw down, State Champs!

Edit: 6:40 WOW! What a great performance! Lot's of energy. The kids really knew they were at a new, different level. Congrats WB! Here's to another potential semi-finalist. Up next Lakeland! These kids have been here before, let's see what they can do.

Edit: 6:51 Lakeland finished ballad and movement 1. Really nice sounds. Definite improvements over last year! Some great music choices as well!

Edit 6:56 Way to go! Fantastic improvement from MCBA. IMO, their best I have seen them in a while. Their selections really made it for me. Congrats on a season! Up next, PCEP. Lots of speculation and questions surrounding this group. Let's go!

Edit: 7:05 P-CEP looked SO much better than they have the past few weeks. Even this past week they have made improvements. There were times when I saw some individual errors. But they have changed that show so much it doesn't surprise me. I don't know about finals. But should be in that "bubble group" 17-11. Over west bloomfield? I don't know

That's it for a while. Jenison at 8!

Edit: 8:11 Way to go Jenison! Really a fantastic show that was one of my favorites this season. There was one moment where their visual was scetchy, but overall fantastic. Definite contender for another semi finals spot!

Will edit here at around 8:30-8:45 with Semi-Finalist. Maybe 4 Michigan bands in Semi-Finals? We shall see! Good luck!

Edit: 9:12 Your 2008 Michigan Semi-Finalists:
Announced at LOS in random order:
-Plymouth Canton
-West Bloomfield (Announced LAST. I was like WOAH)

Congrats to all bands from Michigan! Way to represent!

Good night!

States Results [03 Nov 2008|07:06pm]

Flight IV:
10 - Hartford 68.45
9 - Lamphere 69.25
8 - Edwardsberg 70.2
7 - Comstock Park 71.9
6 - Watervliet 72.4 (music 56.7)
5 - Grant 72.4 (music 58.2)tie breaker
4 - Columbia Central 75.35
3 - Durand 76.8
2 - Belding 77.05
1 - Godwin 82.85 (all captions)

Flight III:
10th - Linden 70.95 tie
9th - Marysville 70.95 (won tiebreaker)
8th - Allegan 73.35
7th - Trenton 73.55
6th- 76.20 Byron Center
5th- 76.75 Redford Thurston
4th- 79.35 Mount Pleasant
3rd- 81.50 Ferndale
2nd- 81.90 Grand Rapids Northview
1st- 86.55 Stevensville Lakeshore (all captions)

Flight II:
10 - South Lyon 75.3
9 - Farmington Harrison 75.4
8 - Hudsonville 76.25
7 - Southgate Anderson 78.25
6 - Flushing 80.05
5 - Lakeland 82.35
4 - L'Anse Cruse 83.55
3 - Walled Lake Central 88.05
2 - Jenison 88.8 (Music)
1 - Reeths Puffer 89.85 (Marching, GE)

Flight I:
10. Clarkston- 77.25
9. Grand Blanc- 79.85
8. Milford- 80.2
7. Troy Athens- 80.55
6. Rockford- 81.00
5. Grandville- 82.40
4. Novi- 83.10
3. PCEP- 84.05
2. Lake Orion- 88.20 (Marching)
1. West Bloomfield- 89.25 (Music, GE)

2 set!

Final Flight I CAS Standings-- Top 10 [26 Oct 2008|10:25am]


1. West Bloomfield ((

West Bloomfield 85.00 Huron Valley 86.85))     85.925

2. Lake Orion ((

Plymouth Canton 83.05 Clarkston 81.25))     82.150

3. Grandville ((

Reeths Puffer 79.50 Jenison 79.90))     79.700

4. Milford ((

West Bloomfield 76.85 Huron Valley 80.35))     78.600

5. Novi ((


Linden 77.70 Huron Valley 79.05))     78.375

6. Rockford ((

Jenison 77.25 Reeths Puffer 79.10))     78.175

7. Grand Blanc ((

Clarkston 77.60 Plymouth Canton 77.35))     77.475

8. Troy Athens ((

Huron Valley 78.20 Clarkston 76.55))     77.375

9. Plymouth Canton ((

Trenton 71.50 Plymouth Canton 81.45))     76.475

10. Clarkston ((

Huron Valley 74.30 Clarkston 73.15))     73.725

West Bloomfield Invitational Scores- Oct. 18, 2008 [25 Oct 2008|07:41am]

I apologize in advance, I only know captions for flight I

Flight II


63.45                               6

Saginaw Heritage 

59.65                        8

South Lyon 

70.45                             3

Southgate Anderson 

69.40                  4

Farmington Harrison 

68.45                 5


72.50                                    2

Wyandotte Roosevelt 

62.40                    7

L'Anse Creuse 

Flight I

79.50                               1


76.85                   1        all captions

John Glenn 

65.20                3

Livonia Stevenson 

59.05             4

Livonia Franklin 

66.15                 2

Royal Oak 

59.00                         5

West Bloomfield

85.00 Judged  Exhib


Flight IV

Brooklyn Columbia Central 

Lamphere 63.85          2Atherton


56.80                  3

Madison  56.35              453.70              5

Bad Axe

Flight III



Ferndale 80.10          1


Mt. Pleasant 

74.00          2

Redford Thurston

73.25          3
Trenton 73.25                  4
Marysville  71.90                  5
Hazel Park  69.65             6

64.80           1


Atwood Scores [05 Oct 2008|10:30am]


West Bloomfield - 78

Novi - 73.75

Lake Orion - 73.4

Troy Athens - 71.6

Milford - 71.55

Grand Blanc - 68.2

L'Anse Creuse North - 54.15

Royal Oak - 53.4

ALL CAPTIONS - West Bloomfield


L'Anse Creuse - 71.90

Southgate Anderson - 69.35

Lakeland - 68.35

South Lyon - 66.7

Farmington Harrison - 65.65

BEST MUSIC & BEST GE - L'Anse Creuse

BEST MARCHING - Southgate Anderson


Mt. Pleasant - 63.6

Linden - 63.3

St. Clair Shores Southlake - 56.9

St. Clair Shores Lakeview - 51.05

BEST MUSIC & GE - Mt. Pleasant



Durand - 58.65

Madison Hts. Lamphere - 52.3

Bad Axe - 47.1


GOVERNORS TROPHY (Overall Champion) - West Bloomfield
6 set!

Trenton Scores [28 Sep 2008|02:55pm]


Flight IV
1. Flat Rock (All Captions)- 45.50

Flight III
1. Redford Thurston (All Captions)- 59.60
2. SCS Lakeview- 45.60

Flight II
1. South Lyon (All Captions)- 64.05
2. Farmington HS- 57.85
3. Wyandotte Roosevelt- 56.85
4. Taylor Tuman- 53.15

Flight I
1. Plymouth Canton (Best Music)- 71.50
2. Novi (Best General Effect)- 70.90
3. Milford (Best Marching)- 68.80
4. Livonia Franklin- 60.55
5. Carman-Ainsworth- 59.70

thoughts? i thought it was a pretty interesting show.
9 set!

Lamphere Show Scores (9-20-08) [21 Sep 2008|01:47pm]


Flight III
1. Marysville- 47.55
2. SCS Lakeview- 37.65

Flight II
1. Walled Lake Central- 67.15
2. L'Anse Creuse- 65.95
3. Flushing- 56.55
4. Saginaw Heritage- 41.10

Flight I
1. West Bloomfield- 72.45 (Best Music, Best General Effect)
2. Milford- 66.45 (Best Marching)
3. Troy Athens- 66.35
4. Clarkston- 63.70
5. Lake Orion- 63.65
6. L'Anse Creuse North- 46.20
7. Chippewa Valley- 45.35
8. Royal Oak- 44.80

Flight IV
1. Durand- 52.25 (Best Music, Best Marching, Best General Effect)
2. Madison- 39.75

11 set!

[21 Sep 2008|12:26pm]

Name: Brooke
Age: 16
Year of graduation: 2010
School: Milford High School
City: Highland
Name Of Band: Milford Marching Band; Huron Valley Percussion (Milford & Lakeland)
Instrument: Clarinet; Marimba (respectively)
Circuit [and flight, if there is one]: Milford- MCBA & BOA- Flight I             Huron Valley Percussion- MCGC & WGI- PIA

Novi Schedule [12 Sep 2008|10:10pm]

Is available Here: http://www.novi.k12.mi.us/parentscomm/orgs/WebPages/HSBand/NHS%20Fanfare%202008%20Schedule.doc.pdf

Hope to see you all there. Good luck to all competing.
4 set!

Walled Lake Preview Show [07 Sep 2008|06:02pm]

Anybody go? Thoughts?

I'll post the Novi schedule when its available to me.
1 set!

Newest Member! [08 Aug 2008|01:32am]

[ mood | bored ]

Name: Alexander
Age: 15/16
Year of graduation: 2011
School: Lake Orion High School
City: Lake Orion.
Name Of Band: Lake Orion High School Dragon Marching Band!
Instrument: Drum Major for Marching, Tuba for Concert
Circuit [and flight, if there is one]: Flight I

Yes I am a sophomore and I'm super awesome.  This is my second year marching for LO but I was recently promoted to Drum Major.  And even though I've joined this community, it does not mean my life revolves around band.  That being said, Go LOMB!

3 set!

I'm a little late.. [26 Jul 2008|02:32am]

[ mood | excited ]

Name: Kaitlyn
Age: 17 (almost 18)
Year of graduation: 2008
School: Southgate Anderson High School, Eastern Michigan University
City: Southgate
Name Of Band: Southgate Anderson Marching Band, and Eastern Michigan University Marching Band
Instrument: Sousaphone/Tuba =]
Circuit [and flight, if there is one]: Flight II

I'm kinda late on posting this. I think I've been in this group for almost two years now.
Played trumpet 6th grade-9th grade. To be honest I wasn't that good lol. Literally the day after states my freshman year my band director switched me over to tuba. It was prolly one of the best decisions I ever made. I was co-low brass section leader my senior year. It was a dificult year to say the least but we managed to make states and put on a fantastic show. I am really going to miss marching for the gate. I don't really know what to expect at Eastern, but I am really excited!

2 set!

Athens High School Marching Band Fundraiser [15 Jul 2008|11:55pm]

Hey guys! The Athens High School Marching Band just launched a new venture for fundraising. It's on the website www.goodsearch.com

All you have to do is go to www.goodsearch.com and, in the "WHO DO YOU GOODSEARCH FOR?" field, type Troy Athens and click verify. The site should refresh and it should say "Troy Athens Band Boosters" in the field now. All you have to do is use this website instead of Google, and the band is on its way!

Make sure that the "Troy Athens Band Boosters" is always in the field every time you go to search, or the money does not go towards the band.

For every search that we make on this website, GoodSearch will donate one penny to the band. That adds up quickly if everyone participates. Use www.goodsearch.com as your default search engine and help the band raise some money! Tell all your friends about it, too!

Thank you all so much for your support!
3 set!

DCI [21 Jun 2008|11:07am]

Well, the 2008 Season starts tonight.

Any thoughts, predictions?
22 set!

MCBA 08 [27 May 2008|09:13pm]

What is your band's (or alma matter's) field show for 2008.
I'd like to get a list similar to what we had last year.

List so far:
Grand Blanc - "A Need For Speed"
Grandville - "Expressions in Eb: Holst's 1st Suite"
Lake Orion - "World Domination"
Milford - "Japanese Sketches"
Novi - "Helios"
Plymouth-Canton - "Kaleidoscope"
West Bloomfield - "5"

Hudsonville - "Perception"
Jension - "In The Dark of Night"
Southgate Anderson - Balancing show
Wyandotte Roosevelt - "Aqua"
Walled Lake Central - "En Garde"

Allegan - "Games"
Marysville - Villains Show
Mt. Pleasant - "Music of Queen"
Northview - "Seasons"
Trenton - "West Side Story"

Belding - "Reflections of the Blue Frontier"
Comstock Park - "Cirque De Soleil"
Grant - "As Time Goes By"
Lamphere - News Show
23 set!

(Once Again) Michigan is WORLD Class [20 Apr 2008|11:48am]

Congrats to Michigan's WGI Percussion Finalists:

Northcoast Academy - 5th Place - 92.30
Redline - 10th Place - 89.10
Eastside Fury - 14th Place - 86.25

Plymouth-Canton - 10th Place - 88.80

Farmington United - 3rd Place - 90.75
Columbia Percussion - 8th Place - 84.50

Also, congrats to all units who attended Worlds and represented Michigan well. Congrats on a great season.
6 set!

[18 Apr 2008|08:41pm]

i haven't had a chance to look at other classes yet, but as of right now here are the PIW results from Dayton

1.       Riverside Community College 95.10
2.       Music City Mystique 93.35
3.       Aimachi 93.15
4.       Rhythm X 92.10
5.       Blue Knights 90.40
6.       North Coast Academy 90.00
7.       Matrix 89.65
8.       Pulse Percussion 89.55
9.       Freelancers 89.30
10.   Redline 88.60
11.   Gateway Indoor 88.10
12.   Infinity 87.65
13.   United Percussion 86.50
14.   Eastside Fury Perc 85.95
15.   Timber Creek Independent 85.85
16.   Pariah 85.55
17.   Odyssey Percussion Theatre 85.05
18.   Surround Sound 85.00
19.   Great Lakes Percussion 83.45
20.   Constitution 83.30

from what i understand the top 15 go on?

so Congrats to NorthCoast, Redline, and Eastside yay for michigan lines once again <3
1 set!

[18 Apr 2008|05:15pm]

Hey everyone. I'm just curious: has anyone announced their 2008 marching band shows yet?
I'm seriously getting marching band withdrawals. I need to hear some band news!

Athens is working on developing our concept at the moment...I can announce some details when I have some more concrete information.
8 set!

Congrats [11 Apr 2008|10:29am]

Congrats to all who performed yesterday:

MI Units Moving On (TO the best of My Knowledge)
Chippewa Valley H.S. (Scholastic A - Imperial Division - 1:37 PM Performance Today)
Interplay (Independent A - Brubaker Division - 11:46 Performance Today)

Congrats to everyone down there!

[EDIT] Plymouth-Canton Prelims Score: 74.80 *Sitting 10th as of 11:16 AM*
1 set!

For anyone who might have possibly been interested... [02 Apr 2008|10:44pm]

Walled Lake Percussion will be performing in Percussion Scholastic World Class for the remainder of the season, including both State Finals and WGI World Finals.

For anyone who has been following their show (Vocalize), or was interested in seeing the show for the first time, the new performance time for State Finals is now Sunday at 4:22 pm.

Good luck to all performers on Saturday and Sunday!
6 set!

2008 MCBA Flight Changes [02 Apr 2008|09:16pm]

These are the bands that are changing flights for 2008. I'm doing this by memory, so i apologize if i miss someone.

Bands are listed by the flight they are moving to. Old flights are in parentheses.

Milford (2)

Flight II
Taylor Truman (1)
Farmington Harrison (3)

I think a band also moved to Flight III, but i forget which one.
11 set!

2008 MCBA Schedule and Rule Change [19 Mar 2008|08:38pm]

For a change of subject from MCGC/WGI activities, here's your 2008 MCBA Schedule:

September 6th
Walled Lake Central (Preview Show, not MCBA, tentative)

September 13th

September 20th
Brownstown Woodhaven
Madison Heights Lamphere

September 27th
Livonia Franklin

October 4th
Flushing at Flint Atwood
Westland John Glenn

October 11th
BOA Ypsilanti

October 18th
West Bloomfield

October 25th
Huron Valley @ Lakeland

November 1st
MCBA State Finals @ Ford Field


Rule Change: For state finals, instead of going in order of CAS, the top 5 and the bottom 5 will be placed in a random order, with the bottom 5 performing first and the top 5 performing last.

I'll post declarations and flight changes when they become available to me.
9 set!

Lakeland MCGC/Dayton WGI Prelims [16 Mar 2008|09:13am]

First, from Dayton:
(Michigan Groups only)
Algonac Wave - 80.70 - 3rd
Farmington United - 83.4 - 1st!

Jenison - 82.2 - 8th

Plymouth-Canton - 87.7 - 1st!

Great Lakes Percussion - 79.5 - 9th
Redline - 84.2 - 6th
Eastside Fury - 85.1 - 5th
Northcoast Academy - 86.70 - 4th

And for Lakeland:

Percussion AAA
1 Wide Range Percussion 58.60

Percussion AA
1 Resonators 69.60
2 Fruitport Drumline 64.30
3 Pulse 62.90

Percussion Scholastic A
1 West Bloomfield High School Winter Drumline 84.60
2 Parchment Percussion 75.90
3 Hudsonville Winter Drumline 75.10
4 Northpointe Christian School 70.00

Percussion Independent A
1 Huron Valley Percussion 79.80
2 Columbia Percussion 79.70
3 Ypsilanti Percussion 72.20

Percussion Scholastic Concert A
1 Woodhaven Percussion 83.90
2 Clinton Winter Percussion 75.30

Percussion Scholastic Open
1 Walled Lake Percussion 84.50

Flag Line
1 Almost Home 78.80
2 KMS Flagline 75.40
3 Phenomenon 74.40

1 Reeths Puffer Middle School 76.00
2 AKA Winter Guard 70.30
3 Huron Valley 69.60
4 Impact 58.20

Regional A
1 Grand Blanc Expedition 71.00
2 Forest Hills Eastern High School Winter Guard 67.30
3 Vibe 61.40
4 Impulse 59.60

1 Prizm 69.00
2 Hartford Winterguard 62.60
3 Novi Green 62.60
4 Lake Effect 62.00

1 West Bloomfield High School Winter Color Guard 74.70
2 Farmington United Winter Guard 73.40
3 Exit 52 73.40
4 Woodhaven Elite 68.20
5 Mt. Pleasant High School 66.60
6 Troy Athens Alias Winterguard 65.50
7 Pandemonium Winterguard 65.40
8 Storm 64.70
9 Revolution of Allegan 64.20
10 Bellanova 60.80
11 Zephyros-A 57.10

Scholastic A
1 Chippewa Valley Winter Guard 84.20
2 Reeths-Puffer Winterguard 79.90
3 Lake Orion Performance Ensemble 79.90
4 Plymouth-Canton A Guard 79.10
5 Novi White 77.40
6 Jenison High School Winter Guard 75.90
7 Flushing High School Winter Guard 75.10
9 Walled Lake Central A 71.40
10 Lake Shore Aria 71.20
11 Grand Blanc High School Winter Guard 71.10
12 Dream Syndicate 65.60

Independent A
1 Huron Valley Alliance 80.10
2 South Lyon - Reverie 78.60
3 Ancora A 76.60
4 Zephyros 64.20

1 State of Art 80.60
2 Metamorphosis 67.00

Scholastic Open
1 Walled Lake Central Open Guard 75.40

Independent Open
1 Ancora 74.80

Scholastic World
1 Plymouth-Canton World Guard 77.40

6 set!

[14 Mar 2008|04:33pm]

Who's pumped for STATE SOLO AND ENSEMBLE?!
2 set!

MSBOA Concert Band Festival [09 Mar 2008|07:48pm]

How'd all of you (or even your alma matter's, for those of you in college) do?
7 set!

Troy WGI Results [23 Feb 2008|11:47pm]

Independent Marching World
1 North Coast Academy 86.10
2 Eastside Fury Perc. 82.20
3 Redline Percussion 80.20
4 Great Lakes Percussion 77.00

Scholastic Marching World
1 Plymouth-Canton HS 79.80

Independent Marching Open
1 L.E.A.P. 78.20
2 Green Thunder Perc 67.20
3 Motor City Percussion 67.20

Scholastic Marching Open
1 Walled Lake HS 85.30
2 Novi HS 81.50
3 Jenison HS 78.60
4 Eagan HS 78.30

Independent Marching A
1 Pioneer Indoor 84.50
2 Columbia Percussion 80.90
3 Huron Valley Percussion 78.90

Scholastic Marching A
1 West Bloomfield HS 76.10
2 Southgate Anderson HS 75.70
3 Findlay HS 72.10
4 Olentangy Liberty HS 70.00

Scholastic Concert World
1 Goshen HS 83.60
2 Warsaw Community HS 81.60

Scholastic Concert A
1 Woodhaven HS 75.50


Congrats to all units on great performances!!
3 set!

[17 Feb 2008|02:05am]

Southgate's performance at the Troy show. The quality is horrible, but the show is pretty darn good for the first week.


Percussion AAA
Reese Winter Drumline 56.70

Percussion AA
Resonators 66.90

Percussion Scholastic A
Southgate Anderson Indoor Drumline 77.10
Waterford Mott Indoor Drumline 66.10
Northpointe Christian School 62.50
Clinton Winter Percussion 47.00

Percussion Independent A
Farmington United Percussion Ensemble 77.30
Columbia Percussion 75.70
Algonac WAVE Percussion Ensemble 70.20
Huron Valley Percussion 69.50
Paramount Percussion 0.00

Percussion Scholastic Concert A
Woodhaven Percussion 73.00

Percussion Scholastic Open
Novi Percussion 78.20

Percussion Independent Open
Motor City Percussion 63.70

Percussion Independent World
NorthCoast Academy Percussion Ensemble 81.00
Eastside Fury Percussion 78.20
Redline 75.90

Percussion Indoor Band
Eos Corps 67.30

Flag Line
Almost Home 70.80
KMS Flagline 57.90
Titan Flagline 57.50
Sterling Stallion Colorguard 57.20
Phenomenon 57.10

Silver Streak 51.10
AKA Winter Guard 48.10

Regional A
The DHS Experience 53.60
Vibe 51.80
Waterford Vortex 49.80
Pansophia Academy Winter Guard 46.60
Element 43.20

Exit 52 60.90
Prizm 57.00
EXILE Winterguard 53.40
Imagination 50.50
Lake Effect 49.40

Woodhaven Elite 61.60
Farmington United Winter Guard 60.20
Storm 56.50
Troy Athens Alias Winterguard 56.10
Chimera Essence 54.80
Pandemonium Winterguard 54.00
Fusion 49.10

Scholastic A
Chippewa Valley Winter Guard 79.10
Lake Shore Aria 69.80
Southgate Anderson Winterguard 66.30

Independent A
Interplay 82.40
Ancora A 68.60
Inspiration 66.30

State of Art 69.50
University of Michigan Marching Band Winter Ensemble 62.30

Independent Open
Ancora 71.40
1 set!

Good luck! [16 Feb 2008|07:02am]

Good luck to all those competing today! I also hope to see some of you today at Troy where I will be performing with Redline!
3 set!

MCGC West Bloomfield Results [19 Jan 2008|10:35pm]

Scholastic World
Plymouth-Canton World - 66.8

Independent Open
Ancora Open - 53.7

Scholastic Open
Walled Lake Central Open - 51.1

Michigan Marching Band Winter Ensemble - 50.5

Independent A
1st. Ancora A - 58.0
2nd. Inspiration - 53.4

Scholastic A
1st. Chippewa Valley - 66.1
2nd. Flushing - 60.7
3rd. Plymouth-Canton A - 57.2
4th. Lake Shore Aria - 56.5
t5th. Southgate Anderson - 55.8
t5th. Novi White - 55.8
7th. Walled Lake Central A - 49.3
8th. Dream Syndicate - 48.9

1st. West Bloomfield - 58.0
2nd. Troy Athens ALIAS - 52.2
3rd. Woodhaven Elite - 49.4
4th. Farmington United - 48.8
5th. Storm - 47.9
6th. Fusion - 44.1

1st. Bellanova - 53.0
2nd. EXILE - 45.1
3rd. Novi Green - 38.3
4th. South Lake - 30.2

Regional A
1st. Prizm - 65.1
2nd. Imagination - 64.8
3rd. Everett Drill Team - 47.3
4th. Waterford Vortex - 44.0
5th. Element - 38.5
6th. Impulse - 33.1

1st. Huron Valley - 42.6
2nd. AKA - 35.5
3rd. Inspire Me - 32.8
4th. Impact - 26.2

Flag Line
1st. Sterling Stallion Colorguard - 64.1
2nd. Titan Flag Line - 57.8
3rd. KMS Flag Line - 57.7
8 set!

MCGC 2008 Begins [07 Jan 2008|08:55pm]

Schedule for Color Guard field day at South Lyon Millennium MS:
Unit Name Performance Time
Flag Line
Titan Flagline 11:30 AM
Sterling Stallion Colorguard 11:38 AM
Phenomenon 11:46 AM
KMS Flagline 11:54 AM
Almost Home 12:02 PM
Silver Streak 12:10 PM
Page Middle School Winter Guard 12:20 PM
Impact 12:30 PM
AKA Winter Guard 12:40 PM
Regional A
Waterford Vortex 12:50 PM
Vicksburg Winterguard 01:00 PM
Vibe 01:10 PM
The DHS Experience 01:20 PM
Prizm 01:30 PM
Pansophia Academy Winter Guard 01:40 PM
Grand Blanc Expedition 01:50 PM
Everett Drill Team 02:00 PM
Element 02:10 PM
Dreamers 02:20 PM
Break 02:30 PM
LHS Mystique 02:45 PM
Kaleidoscope 02:57 PM
Exit 52 03:09 PM
EXILE Winterguard 03:21 PM
Zephyros-A 03:33 PM
Troy Athens Alias Winterguard 03:45 PM
Storm 03:57 PM
Novi Green 04:21 PM
Impulse 04:33 PM
Fusion 04:45 PM
Chimera Essence 04:57 PM
Byron Center Winterguard 05:09 PM
Dinner Break 05:21 PM
Scholastic A
Walled Lake Central A 05:51 PM
Southgate Anderson Winterguard 06:03 PM
Novi White 06:15 PM
Lake Shore Aria 06:27 PM
Lake Orion Performance Ensemble 06:39 PM
Jenison High School Winter Guard 06:51 PM
Grand Blanc High School Winter Guard 07:03 PM
Flushing High School Winter Guard 07:15 PM
Dream Syndicate 07:27 PM
Chippewa Valley Winter Guard 07:39 PM
Independent A
Zephyros 07:51 PM
Interplay 08:03 PM
Scholastic Open
Walled Lake Central Open Guard 08:15 PM
Reverie of South Lyon - Exhibition 08:28 PM
End 08:36 PM

Or, if winter guard isn't your thing:
MSBOA District IV Honors Band and Jazz Band Concert - 6 PM - Clarkston High School - Sat., Jan 12.
I'll be here this weekend.

So... [21 Dec 2007|08:28pm]

Who's participating in winter guard/drumline/indoor band this season?

I am in the front ensemble for the WBWDL on vibes. It's pretty sweet. Our show is titled "Moving Forward" featuring music by Andrew Markworth.
12 set!

Bored? [07 Dec 2007|05:33pm]


This is pretty sweet. You get to design your own drill without having an computer knowledge at all. It's kind of time consuming though, especially if you forget to hit the new set button after you finish a set.

I did this in about 20 minutes, which explains the quality level. And shortness. But it's still pretty cool:

If any of you do any, post them.
3 set!

Change of topic [29 Nov 2007|08:44pm]

All-State Band and Orchestra results are up. Anyone planning on going?
14 set!

Ello there! [27 Nov 2007|09:52pm]

New member! :]

Name: Tab
Age: 15
Year of graduation: 2010
School: Hazel Park High School
City: Hazel Park
Name Of Band: Viking Marching Band
Instrument: Tuba :]
Circuit [and flight, if there is one]: We're flight III

As you can see, I'm Tab. I'm a 5'3" girl and I play the tuba. I don't belong to the best band out there, but it's still a lot of fun. I'm in Symphonic Winds, the top concert band, our Jazz band, and of course, the Marching Band.
I'm also beginning to attend The Motor City Youth Brass Band this thursday, if any of you are are part of that/will be a part of that.

Outside of band I'm a dreadheaded drama club techie and an artist.

Nice to meet you all.
6 set!

Taken from the WBHS Band Website [27 Nov 2007|05:24pm]

Please help the West Bloomfield band program as they are raising funds to "PAY IT FORWARD". The band students have decided on "Paying it Forward" with a (competitive) band program in the Flint area. All funds raised will be used to help purchase items such as valve oil, reeds, drum sticks, small beginner instruments, etc. The students are hoping to present this to them before they go on break for the holidays.

If you go to Max & Erma's on Tuesday, December 4th you will need to bring the coupon; print it off and bring it with you - 20% of your receipt will come back to help out "Pay it Forward". If you cannot make it on Tuesday and would like to take part, we will accept cash donations as well. Just get your funds to Mr. Ebert by December 15th.

Be proud of your student(s) as this is what it is all about. When they heard of this band and that they had students that might not be in school if it wasn't for the music program and that some struggle to even pay for reeds/valve oil/and drum sticks, that many of the families have parents laid-off, they wanted to know what they could do to help. It is a struggle for them to even get started in band.

Additional ways to help: Do you have a beginner instrument laying around? Or perhaps a extra instrument that doesn't get used anymore. They are in need of many things.

I thought this was something worth bringing up on here. It would be really cool if a bunch of people were to show up next Tuesday.

Here's the coupon: http://www.bbawb.org/Fundraising.htm. The link for the coupon is under current fundraiser. The address of the Max & Erma's is on the coupon.
3 set!

BOA On Channel 4 [20 Nov 2007|03:29pm]

According to some sources, there will be a section of the Channel 4 newscast this evening dedicated to band. Not exactly sure what that means, I heard it second hand. It SHOULD be on at 4 PM (in 30 minutes). If it isn't, it will be on at a later date, but im pretty sure it will be.

[18 Nov 2007|10:20am]

1 96.10 L.D. Bell H.S., TX
2 95.50 Avon H.S., IN
3 94.55 Carmel H.S., IN
4 92.10 The Woodlands H.S., TX
5 91.90 Marian Catholic H.S., IL
6 91.85 Broken Arrow H.S., OK
7 91.60 Plymouth-Canton Ed. Park, MI
8 90.20 Stephen F. Austin H.S., TX
9 89.75 Richland H.S., TX
10 89.70 Lawrence Central H.S., IN
11 89.40 Center Grove H.S., IN
12 88.70 Harrison H.S., GA
Outstanding Music: L.D. Bell H.S., TX
Outstanding Visual: Avon H.S., IN
Outstanding General Effect: L.D. Bell H.S., TX
"Al Castronovo" Esprit de Corps Award: Marian Catholic H.S., IL

Good lord
8 set!

Grand National Finals [17 Nov 2007|11:52pm]

1. LD Bell, TX
2. Avon, IN
3. Carmel, IN
4. The Woodlands, TX
5. Marian Catholic, IL
6. Broken Arrow, OK
8. Steven F. Austin, TX
9. Richland, TX
10. Lawrence Central, IN
11. Center Grove, IN
12. Harrison, GA

AMAZING Finals Performances. The RECAPS will be something to look at.
4 set!

2007 Michigan Grand National Semifinalists [16 Jan 2008|08:52pm]

Your Michigan 2007 National Semifinalists:


2 set!

Update From Indianapolis! *Day 1* [15 Nov 2007|11:53pm]

Well, it was definatley a day of WILD performances! Let me tell you Michigan made a STRONG showing out there, and I was so impressed by the level of performance!

My Livonia Franklin did so well, and they were so proud of their performance! I was really excited for them and they took the field and showed up! Of course, they had their moments, but this was basically about showing up, putting one last exclamation point on their season.

Lakeland & RP: I would like to apologize, but during this chunck of time, I had lost my pen and paper, and was basically running in and out of the dome. I do have to say though, I caught the tail end of RP's performance, and they were seriously putting out some sound! Very impressive. Also, word on the street is that the voice overs were definatley toned down. That's good because at BOA Ypsi I thought they were abit too much.

I have to say, they really wowed some people this evening. I am partial, granted, and you might have seen me right next to the giant moon in the stands holding the three marching men sign, but this show was seriously on fire. I mean, I heard talk of them in first, second, third, and fourth. *For the day of course.* They will be able to solidly compete in the top twelve *In my opinion* On the flip side, I think their numbers hurt them at times, as they are not always able to put out the sound they need to get on par with the groups around them. They are well balanced, don't get me wrong, but there were a couple groups that, because of their sheer size, could play louder.

Other groups that stuck out to me today:

-Ronald Regan: WOW! There were rumors floating around that the split killed their chances this year, and that is simply not true. They will be floating in this year, and they have the power to do it.

-Avon: Dang, it's clean, it's loud, it's in your face. Show design? Maybe alittle lacking in my opinion, but not enough to hurt them. Possibly a run for the title this year?

Definatley a good bunch today. Look for the podcast coming possibly tommorow or sunday. Good night, and see you bright and early tommorow morning!
2 set!

Hey Everyone! [12 Nov 2007|09:46pm]

Hey Everyone! I hope all is going well for everybody! I just wanted to let everybody know a few things:

A) As it stands, on Monday night, I will be heading down to Indianapolis for Grand National Prelims. I will be there Thursday and Friday nights, leaving early Saturday morning for Band-o-Rama here at Eastern. If anybody else is going, let me know, because it would be cool to meet up.

B) I will be writing on the bands that are from Michigan (I bought 2 tickets for both Prelims spots, so I will make use of them) If you have another band you want me to write on, please let me know. I will be bringing a digital camera, taking pictures, and documenting my weekend.

C) I will be doing a podcast there as well, letting everybody know what is going on. Tune in and I will be uploading it late in each of the evenings, describing what I saw and what is going on down here in Indy for the last trip through the airlock! *What a corny catch phrase*

Again, this is all up in the air, and there is a possibility my plans could change. But as it stands, they don't look like they will. Hit me up with groups you want to hear about!

5 set!

State finals.. [05 Nov 2007|05:16pm]

I was only there for flight I, but here are my thoughts..

Livonia Franklin - I thought they did really well, musically and visually. I loved the theme of Fire and Ice, and the voice-overs definitely added to the effect. Great job, guys!

Clarkston - Oh. My. God. I absolutely loved this show. Really, you guys did a great job turning the classical pieces into an exciting and emotional marching show. I thought last year's show was great with New World Symphony, but this one beats it. Congrats, you guys.

Novi - Hm...I think I was the only one in my group that didn't really like this show. Musically, it was great. Visually, however...I feel like you guys could've stretched the field more, considering how big of a band you guys have. And the circles during Ode to Joy? That didn't really do it for me - It seemed like it should've been more of a in-your-face company front moment rather than 3 or 4 circles rotating. But maybe that's cause I saw Plymouth's show last year =P But you guys did a very nice job.

Troy Athens - Seriously, I think you guys have improved the most. From the rehearsals I've seen, you could really tell you guys wanted to do well this year - and it paid off. Your show was great - musically, it was lacking a little with the dynamics, but that may be partly due to the acoustics in Ford Field (or lack thereof =P) Visually, you guys were so much more cleaner than the show I saw at Lamphere. And the best part is, you have a lot of room to grow before BOA Grand Nationals. Great job AHSMB, you definitely deserved this!

I didn't get a chance to see Grandville, Grand Blanc, or Rockford...I was busy talking to my bandos from Athens =P

Lake Orion - Again, Oh. My. God. This show absolutely rocked the stadium. You were both solid visually and musically - and I seriously thought you would've beaten out Plymouth for Best General Effect, at the least. It was the perfect theme for your band, and the drill went extremely well with the music and the general theme of everything. You guys had me on the edge of my seat the entire show - especially towards the end. Great job, guys! I look forward to seeing what you guys can do next year...especially after coming within 2.55 points of Plymouth ;)

West Bloomfield - This was a pretty sweet show. I wasn't much of a fan of you guys doing another show centered around just a couple soloists, but this show was pretty well done. The only bad thing about this was that while your music individual scores skyrocket, your music ensemble scores drop a little. I'm interested to see how much of a balance you guys will find next year, congrats again!

Plymouth - Oh man, was I excited to see this show. However,  to be honest, I was a bit disappointed. Musically, it was awesome. However, your drill was a bit confusing...regardless, you guys still did really well. I especially loved the props you guys had - it definitely fit well with the theme. Congrats on another 1st place finish!

All in all, it was a very exciting State Finals. Sorry I couldn't stay the entire time like I planned - I had a massive headache and didn't feel all too well, so I hitched a ride home. Congrats to everyone!
8 set!

I can't believe nobody's updated about States yet! [05 Nov 2007|04:22pm]

Or it's quite possible people have, and my computer's just on crack and won't let me see. :)


Congrats to everyone who performed! I only got to see a little snippet of Grand Rapids Northview and all of Ferndale for Flight III, but I thought they were very good (I wanted to see Lakeshore, but we were having a meeting while they performed).

Your thoughts?
10 set!

HOKAY. State(s) are Saturday! [30 Oct 2007|08:20pm]

I need another idea of how many people want to sit together. I encourage EVERYONE who is not tied to their parents, siblings, significant others or band directors to come and sit with the group, because it is fun and it's what MiCompBands is ALL about.


I will be arriving at Ford Field around 9am with a van full of randoms who crashed at my house. I will be staying through flight IV, and then EVERYONE is invited back to my house for the Post State Bon Fire.

Here's what I need to know... who is going and for what flights. If you're still in HS and your staying for extra flights, your band didn't make it to state(s), you're alumni... I don't care. We're all here to support each other, not just ourselves. Right?

Please tell me:
Your name (in case I don't actually know you)
When and how long you're going for
and an email address or something in case I need to send a mass email.

I will claim as many seats as I can on the 50 for whoever is with us, but I can only try to save seats for people I know are coming, because I don't want a group of parents to try to kill me like they did last year...

So, come! Tell me when you'll be joining us and I'll see everyone Saturday!!
8 set!

No class today!!! [29 Oct 2007|02:31pm]

So my luck would have it that both of my classes were canceled today!! (actually one was...i just skipped the other one but if i tell myself they were canceled i feel better...hehe)

so i've been watching youtube videos all day...and i know everyone can appreciate a little distraction from homework and what not

2007 Flight II VideosCollapse )

so yeah...the only reason I did Flight II was because apparently Flight II parents like putting stuff up on youtube...lol...and the top 5 in the flight had videos online...happy procrastinating...lol
7 set!

Scores from Puffer [28 Oct 2007|11:31am]

Puffer scores:

5. Fennville 49.0
4. Kent City 57.65
3. Berrien Springs 57.9
2. Grant 63.55
1. Comstock Park 66.25 all captions

4. Fruitport 69.5
3. Allegan 72.3
2. Byron Center 72.5
1. Lakeshore 77.7 all captions (and these scores are low for sure. If Northview got a 76.3 yesterday with it not being their best performance (and, yeah, the weather kind of crapped on them, they were amazing last week), then Lakeshore should have gotten at least a 79 something. But we all know, West Side shows score lower.)

2. Grandville 75.35
1. Rockford 78.35

2. Hudsonville 76.0
1. Jenison 81.4 All Captions
0. Puffer 83.9

I love Jenison and Puffer's shows. Absolutely love. And for those of you who want to gripe about the voice overs, I usually hate voice overs. Puffer's show was even more exciting this week with some of the electronic kinks worked out, and Jenison was just really solid and extremely enjoyable.

Lakeshore blew me away. They have added SO much to their show in the last month that I am unbelievably excited for next week at State. I cannot say much about Harrison and Ferndale, for yesterday was the first time I saw their shows and both were weakened by the weather. Northview really wasn't tight and had some phasing issues, all things I would attribute to the weather and the stress of things not working for the first time. Last week, they were solid and exciting, and I cannot wait to see the things they've added work when it isn't pouring and/or -84 degrees.

To all the bands whose last competition was yesterday, congrats. All the shows I saw were impressive. I feel bad that the weather crapped on HVI, ESPECIALLY since for the first time in a while Jenison was beautiful. But nonetheless, great job to everyone. I hope I get to see everyone at State(s) next week, with your band or cheering on your friends in the stands. I will post a little bit later in the week, or today, which ever, about those of us who want to sit together and how we will meet and whatnot. Please come join us MicompBand-ers in the stands at Ford Field if you can. :)
11 set!

Huron Valley Invitational [28 Oct 2007|10:16am]

Flight III

10 - SCS Lakeview: 53.1
9 - SCS Lakeshore: 59.75
8 - SCS South Lake: 60.0
7 - Linden: 63.6
6 - Hazel Park: 65.45
5 - Mt. Pleasant: 67.9
4 - Redford Thurston: 68.15
3 - GR Northview: 76.3 (Music)
2 - Farmington Harrison: 77.25 (Music)
1 - Ferndale: 79.5 (Marching & GE)

Flight I

9 - Waterford Mott: 61.9
8 - John Glenn: 62.1
7 - Livonia Franklin: 67.5
6 - Clarkston: 75.15
5 - Novi: 76.1
4 - Troy Athens: 77.7
3 - West Bloomfield: 79.4 (Marching)
2 - Grand Blanc: 80.25 (Spirit Award)
1 - Lake Orion: 82.35 (Music & GE)

Flight II

8 - Wyandotte Roosevelt: 58.15
7 - Farmington: 66.5
6 - Portage Northern: 68.4
5 - Southgate Anderson: 70.45
4 - South Lyon: 71.0
3 - Flushing: 77.0
2 - L'Anse Creuse: 81.7
1 - Walled Lake Central: 83.45 (All Captions & Grand Champion)
19 set!

2007 MCBA State Finalists [28 Oct 2007|10:11am]

Flight I
1. Plymouth-Canton
2. West Bloomfield
3. Lake Orion
4. Grand Blanc
5. Rockford
6. Grandville
7. Troy Athens
8. Novi
9. Clarkston
10. Livonia Franklin

Flight II
1. Reeths-Puffer
2. Walled Lake Central
3. Jenison
4. L'Anse Creuse
5. Hudsonville
6. Milford
7. Flushing
8. White Lake Lakeland
9. Southgate Anderson
10. South Lyon

Flight III
1. Ferndale
2. Stevensville Lakeshore
3. Grand Rapidson Northview
4. Farmington Harrison
5. Marysville
6. Byron Center
7. Mt. Pleasant
8. Allegan
9. Fruitport
10. Redford Thurston

Flight IV
1. Columbia Central
2. Durand
3. Godwin Heights
4. Belding
5. Watervliet
6. Edwardsburg
7. Hartford
8. Lamphere
9. Comstock Park
10. Grant

Congrats to all State Finalists! Also, Congrats to all non-finalist bands on a great season!

Any thoughts on yesterday?
20 set!

[27 Oct 2007|11:28pm]

name: Jennifer
graduation year: 2009 baby.
instrument: tenor sax
band: Comstock Park
2007 show: Crime Story

just got home from Reeths-Puffers show, and guess what? WE'RE GOING TO STATE.
3 set!

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